God talk

Since returning from Ethiopia, God’s voice & presence has been absolutely spectacular & riveting to me.  What I deeply love & crave is His voice & presence in my daily living – watching the kids, getting school supplies, cooking, driving, hanging out, . . . .  Coming home has been a dynamic experience in relation to God. 

Something that I deeply treasure is that my sleep schedule is off, so I get up pretty early & consequently have these spectacular times of fellowship w Him that are far better than any sleep I would want or need.  I love when He says, “He wakens my ear to listen as one being taught” in Is 50:4.  I was made for ongoing fellowship w my Maker – what a beautiful groove in which to live.

the end of a long day

Ok, I didn’t fall back asleep & its almost 9p.  I think I’ve choked the marrow out of this day’s bone.  Generally feeling better – ate sushi tonight so that might be entertaining for later.  🙂

I think that its been a good day . . . endeavoring to keep my heart set on God & I need to take my malaria pill, so good night before I fall asleep & forget.

back home

Well, we’re back home but I think it will take some time to get into the groove.  Yesterday, I was TOTALLY sick all day & for me, that’s pretty unusual.  I also think it’s kind of comical to get sick in America but to stay healthy & strong in Ethiopia.  We had an excellent time there – saw God do some very amazing things, but for me, the best part is a deepening I sense in my walk w God.  I had some very captivating times w God, hearing Him speak clearly, sensing His presence.  I’m most grateful for this.  There was one time when I woke up around 130a & didn’t want to wake Isabell, so I lit a candle, began reading my Bible & had some incredible fellowship w Him.  I’ll never forget this.

Back in America, its almost 430a & I’ve been up since about 230.  I think I’ll try going back to sleep now.

last post before ethiopia

First off, pls note that the “i” key popped off my computer, so things may seem “i”-less.

Moving on, we leave in the morn & will spend the night in DC, then our ethiopia flight leaves Sun morn & we arrive Mon morn early.  We spend one night in the capital, Addis Ababa & then fly to Gondar where we’ll be spending most of our minstry time.  I’m endeavoring to blog everyday there but basically at greenbracelet so check in there for the latest & greatest.

In the meantime, any prayers you’d remember to offer for Reece & my little men would be greatly appreciated – Isabell & I also.  Encourage Reece that he’s a great father & husband.  🙂

food for body (tres leches & coconut cream) & soul

Ok, my good friend Jolene has her bday tomorrow & her kind husband let me know that she really likes our tres leches cake – so we made one today.  If you’ve never had a tres leches cake, it would bring me great joy to let you experience the joy w our family sometime.  This is reece’s fav cake (maybe tied w moist carrot cake), so he always gets jittery when I make it because of his inclination to consume large portions in vaccuum style.  😉  Needless to say, I like to cook this cake bc its hard to ruin.

My next cooking endeavor will be in tv taping tomorrow w a coconut cream pie.  If you were around on the Wed nite when I finished the beatitudes series, you’ll recall the entertaining coconut cream pie fiasco – it was a step up from my attempt to “toast” whipped cream under the broiler.  Enough on that one.  (personally, i think cooking should include some comic relief – mine usually does!) 

As for the soul food – here’s my wisdom for the nite:  visit my buddy’s blog: kevlarbeard.  He has a list of suggestions that are really powerful!!!!

pho phollow up

Just a quickie for all y’all who missed the raucous pho night on Sun!  We had a blast!!!  Nathan Malone has moved beyond a pho apprentice into the Master realm for ingesting a durian boba – ask him, that’s all I’m saying.  The delightful Allan Pan graced us with his presence, & humor, the delightful Gallant couple was truly gallant, Chelps drove in early from Kansas to make the evening (pho or kansas?  that’s a toughie), Justyn Regan was mighty in wit, Zach Hilbrich was as clever as always and the color of Bryan Kinney’s pho matched his hair (kind of orangish red).  Anyways, if you missed having phun with us, then make it a priority to be there the next time.  I’ll give you plenty of warning!

We had a blast & the only way it could have been more phun is if you had been there.  🙂  Now while pho may not be your bowl of noodles / cup of tea, its all about the people – so just come & have an iced coffee, salty lemonade, or whatever & enjoy the comphany!  Its wonderphul! 😉