today is my mom’s bday

Happy BDay to mom!  I’m kind of excited for my mom’s bday because aside from doing all of the regular bday routine, I’ve got a surprise for her that she doesn’t know about.  🙂

Here’s my plan.  My mom always talks about how her mom made these great parkerhouse rolls & delicious buttermilk biscuits and she’s totally right.  My gram could throw down a GREAT meal – fried chix, greens, pies of any variety, mashed potatoes & mouthwatering gravy, fried okra . . . . .   Holy cow, she was an incredible cook!!  Anyways, I found the recipe box from my gram & in it, I found her recipe for buttermilk biscuits that I’m going to make for mom tonight as a surprise – pls don’t talk with her about this until tomorrow.  Help me keep this a surprise.

Furthermore, please protect the fragile nature of my cooking ability.  They could turn out awful.  In that event, I won’t have to serve them & there won’t be any disappointment.  Or I can get my kids to help me, so if they turn out bad, I can say it was a family experiment – there are lots of ways to skin a cat.  🙂

Anyways, wish me luck & maybe even shoot up a quick prayer for divine intervention and grace. 

6 thoughts on “today is my mom’s bday

  1. Aren’t you afraid she will read about this in your blog and spoil the surprise?

    Also, I’m not sure about the ethics of setting your kids up in advance as the scapegoat on the biscuits. Pinning it on them “spontaneously” after the fact would of course be fine. But pre-planning this? Oh my!

  2. Unless you have pets, it only leaves your husband. He can handle it.

    To all husbands: as a husband I do not encourage the deflection of blame to us. I do however acknowledge that it happens. I will, if confronted, acknowledge that sometimes, only sometimes, when it happens it is deserved (such as after my wife sees this comment.)

  3. everything turned out pretty well. I didn’t need any scapegoats & no one ran to the bathroom during the meal. 😉
    as for husbands being a scapegoat, I’ve found that to be a bad idea & counter-productive. ask mark b about clown practice

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