food for body (tres leches & coconut cream) & soul

Ok, my good friend Jolene has her bday tomorrow & her kind husband let me know that she really likes our tres leches cake – so we made one today.  If you’ve never had a tres leches cake, it would bring me great joy to let you experience the joy w our family sometime.  This is reece’s fav cake (maybe tied w moist carrot cake), so he always gets jittery when I make it because of his inclination to consume large portions in vaccuum style.  😉  Needless to say, I like to cook this cake bc its hard to ruin.

My next cooking endeavor will be in tv taping tomorrow w a coconut cream pie.  If you were around on the Wed nite when I finished the beatitudes series, you’ll recall the entertaining coconut cream pie fiasco – it was a step up from my attempt to “toast” whipped cream under the broiler.  Enough on that one.  (personally, i think cooking should include some comic relief – mine usually does!) 

As for the soul food – here’s my wisdom for the nite:  visit my buddy’s blog: kevlarbeard.  He has a list of suggestions that are really powerful!!!!

7 thoughts on “food for body (tres leches & coconut cream) & soul

  1. Wow! I’m impressed that there is SOMEONE ELSE out there that knows what Tres Leche cake is! Everytime we tell ANYONE what it is, they give the :/ look and denote it as one of those “Mexican Treats.” (Yes, I’m Hispanic, but I could be really REALLY tan for all they know!) KUDOS to my Tres Leche Cake loving Pastors!!! We will not leave your church now 😀 I will, however, have to state that NO ONE can go on par with my (Hispanic) Grandmother’s Tres Leche Cake. It’s like eating a squishy version Mexico if Mexico were dipped in heaven, soaked in condensed milk, and sprinkled with sugar! 😉

  2. Glad to get the feedback on the cake. the coconut cream pie turned out ok. danielle stirred for me & it all seemed to go well. 😉

  3. HOLY COW!! This was some good cake!!! WOW, I cannot deny it that I ate a piece or two everyday until it was GONE!! Vaccuum style as you say. happy Birthday to ME!!!! I love you P.Sarah, you rocketh my world!

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