God talk

Since returning from Ethiopia, God’s voice & presence has been absolutely spectacular & riveting to me.  What I deeply love & crave is His voice & presence in my daily living – watching the kids, getting school supplies, cooking, driving, hanging out, . . . .  Coming home has been a dynamic experience in relation to God. 

Something that I deeply treasure is that my sleep schedule is off, so I get up pretty early & consequently have these spectacular times of fellowship w Him that are far better than any sleep I would want or need.  I love when He says, “He wakens my ear to listen as one being taught” in Is 50:4.  I was made for ongoing fellowship w my Maker – what a beautiful groove in which to live.

One thought on “God talk

  1. what a wonderful attitude to have when your sleep is disturbed. i usually just murmur and complain and begrudgingly pray and ask God why i’m not sleeping. i really should make that time a little hiding place for me and the Lord.

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