deliver me and the origins of evil

Rescue me, with your loving charms . . . . can’t you see that I’m lonely!  Ok, singing & blogging don’t go together very well & you’re wondering what on earth is going on?!?!

devilI was being a little cheeky with the last part of the Lord’s Prayer – deliver us from the evil one.  At the end of everything Jesus teaches us to pray, in the Lord’s Prayer, He says that we should ask our Father to deliver us from the evil one.  This petition comes after we establish God’s position in our life as our Father, Hallowed One, King, Master, Provider, Forgiver & Leader.  God is also our deliverer & He does and will deliver us from the evil one – the Devil.  I think the Devil’s fundamental job description is found in John 10:10 – the theif comes to steal, kill & destroy.  Thankfully, Jesus tells us that not only is our Father able to deliver us from the Devil’s efforts, but that we should actively make this request to our heavenly Father.

Bottom line – evil exists in the world & its origin is with the Devil.  Our job is to resist him, run to our heavenly Father & ask Him to deliver us from the Devil’s efforts in our life.  Pretty straight forward.

I pray that God would help you to recognize the Devil & his efforts in your life so that whatever he may try with you, would be thoroughly disabled & confused by your heavenly Father, as you pray for His deliverence.

3 thoughts on “deliver me and the origins of evil

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head that we have to be aware of the enemy. When difficulties come, I move into survival mode and forget to put on the armor, forget to pray, forget to recognize that I have the authority to tell the enemy to back off.
    I know I have thought in the past that the enemy didn’t have much power. That was a big mistake. Better to stay alert and get smart regarding his strategies. Just acknowledging there is a war going on makes you better equipped to fight.

  2. Yes there is a spiritual war, where in your head, listening to words, thoughts, and imaginations, that have fun with your flesh, in acting out, and we counter act it with prayer, Gods word, and the blood of the lamb (Jesus), impowered by the Holy Spirit. Understand this if those people understood that the devil can only enter if you allow or fear him, and give him a place, but if you resist him he will flee.
    God gave us a free will, God is a gentleman. If you resist God and if you quench the Holy Spirit, when He is softening your heart to receive Jesus then that is your will. I respect your thought and your picture but that is kinda lacking in the way satan really works. Wake Up we were created when God Spoke, Let there be light you’ll wake up when you decide to listen but if you want go to hell and be with satan that is your choice to make but never under estimate the power of a praying Christian that is annointed by God because they can snatch you out of the hands of the enemy, quit trying to be bad it gets you no where but hells fire choose whom this day who you will serve.

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