live beyond average

gmortensonI just finished a very powerful book – Three Cups of Tea  (Jolene loaned it to me).  Gees, what a read.  I’m still reeling from it & I’ve kind of dreamt about it over the last few nights.  This is a true life story about a guy who builds schools in VERY rural areas of Pakistan & Afghanistan, over the last 15 or so years.  His goal is to promote peace through building schools.  Some of the things that keep knocking me sideways are his findings about the importance of educating girls – lowering infant mortality rates, improving clean water usage & overall hygiene improvements, thereby improving quality of life, among many other things. 

The guy who does this, Greg Mortenson, isn’t some high power, sophisticated, ultra shiney & socially connected guy.  From the book, it sounds like he’s more comfy chillin in a rural Pakistani village than snuggling up w American comforts & social imperatives.  He’s made a MASSIVE difference – what a motivator.  Reading this book really pushes my heart into God to follow His lead in this life to make a difference. 

Have you read anything lately that calls you to greatness beyond yourself?  🙂