mtn_snow1I’m deeply moved by the goodness of God to me – maybe even moreso, how much He pursues me or even likes me.  When I listen & watch, I find His invitations to be with Him in a variety of situations.  Try these on for size:

  • driving home from the mtns in a snowstorm, stuck in traffic w opportunity to go deep into my heart to be with Him
  • the stillness & quiet of a snowstorm in the mtns – a blanket of His presence
  • long talks w friends at deep levels in our walks w God – hearing God speak to me through these conversations
  • having the chance to mentor one of my boys about how God speaks to him through His dreams
  • praying w Reece about concerning heartfelt issues as we drive home
  • listening for His voice in various conversations w people

I think that God likes to be with us a whole lot more than we realize.  I pray that you would see His invitations for you to be with Him.  Here’s a post that is insightful & rich:  sue.  We’re all so very needy.