Christmas has a lot of different facets

I’m thinking of doing a blog series leading up to Christmas thinking & conversing about its different facets (worship, giving, preparation, new life, . . . . . ).  What do you think?  I like the idea, but would be even more interested to do it, if you would consider adding to the dialogue over the next week or so. 

My plan is to blog pretty much each weekday & we could converse about a facet for a few days or so.  Let’s do it, ok?  ;0

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5 thoughts on “Christmas has a lot of different facets

  1. I think that’s an excellent idea. There’s definitely a lot to talk about during this season. Worship (Christmas always seems to bring family together. Christian families and personal families.) Giving = (There are more and more stories of people giving their time and talents to those in need since money is so scarce for everyone right now.) Preparation for the new year and getting a fresh start. It’s also a time that can be difficult for families going through strife. It would be great to hear something on how God shows us how to deal with this. Christmas time always seems to bring out the best in everybody. 🙂

  2. You’re absolutely right in that there is much to talk about regarding the Christmas holiday. It’s a shame to see that it has become such an enterprise, and the true meaning(s) behind the day– Christ, worship, love, family, friends, giving, and preparation for new life–have been all but forgotten in a lot of circles.

    This is certainly a great way to put CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS!!

  3. It is a shame to think about how this particular holiday has become such an enterprise, and that the true meanings behind it– as mentioned above–have been all but forgotten. I think that discussing it would be a great reminder of the need to put CHRIST back in Christmas, and I’m excited to be a part of it…

  4. Well now that Christmas has come and gone and I guess the discussion of the facets of Christmas is over, I have time to smooze.

    One of the facets of Christmas that I experienced this year is “Christmas time at the hospital”. It’s the second time I’ve experienced it. Both times have been traumatic at best, the first time many years ago, when I had a baby boy of my own and a husband in a body cast. This time was for my mother who was diagnosed with cancer on December 9th and had surgery on December 15th.

    Mostly there is no Christmas in hospitals. Sometimes you will see an occasional tree in the lobby or a poinsettia but the bit about the presents and the glitz is a goner. The one Christmas hospital moment I had was after my mother’s surgery when I was trying to locate my dad so we could talk to the surgeon. In the hall, I was joined by a group of jolly carolers and they followed me everywhere. While the surgeon told me that my mother still has Stage 3C cancer they were standing next to the waiting room singing “Mary did you know?” It was really almost bizarre. I just wondered what God was up to. I decided later he was trying to tell me that Mary didn’t know that her baby boy would someday walk on water and that I don’t know the future either and really neither does the surgeon.

    Throughout it all, I imagine that Mary was in a place where she listened to what God was telling her, the amazing things that He was doing with her son and how awestruck she must have been to be a part of it. The theme of the season for me was not so much “why” about the big questions but a still small voice saying “trust me”.

    Although I don’t recommend hospitals at Christmas, I will say that the One who is an ever present help in times of trouble is definitely needed and the hope He brings couldn’t be needed more in hospital rooms, elevators and waiting rooms. I experienced the greatest sense of how much we really need Him and was overwhelmed by His love.

    The best thing about hard times at Christmas is that it makes you appreciate the good years. Somehow you are able to focus on the things that really matter and you never take it for granted again. From that time on, you look for all the nuggets of good in every situation. Most of all, you really GET the meaning of Christmas and what a “tilt” that night in the manger really was.

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