an eclectic life

so today, we had tv taping & interviewed a few guests – one of whom is simply a legend: Arthur Blessit.  The guy is fantastic:  he loves Jesus passionately, loves people sincerely & has a movie & book coming out in the next few months.  I’ve hung out w him from time to time & I’m always impressed with his deep love for Jesus . . . . I’m at a pause here because I’m a bit speechless.  He’s also good friends w RT Kendall, which for me is the good housekeeping seal of approval, so to speak.  If you don’t know these either of these guys, they’re worth a google.

After tv taping, I proceded to put on the mommy hat & attempt to organize the transportation for 20+ kids for a Chess tournie w David’s team from school (I’m the transportation coordinator – yowzer!).  That was an adventure, but everyone got there & David & our school team won!  Upon coming home, I put a chix in the oven for dinner, did some tv planning work & returned to pick up David & some of his friends to return everyone home.  Isabell had her girlscout cookie launch tonight, so she got a ride to the cookie rally w a neighbor (she’s EXTREMELY excited to sell cookies this year) & I did the weekly grocery shopping.  The rest of the day has been rather uneventful but busy nonetheless & I’m now tired.

I asked Arthur Blessit about fasting – more on that later.  🙂