the joys of history

I’m very excited about the inaugration of Senator Obama!  I’m excited on many levels:  the making of history, our 1st person to become President who was raised by a single mom,  the acceptance & recognition of the 1st African American to lead our nation along w many other firsts.  Let’s make it a priority to pray for President Obama.  The weight he will shoulder is extremely heavy, particularly in this year.

With that being said, living in 2009 is very exciting!  I believe that this year will be a highly significant year from an historical perspective.  Most importantly, let’s make this a massively signiciant year in our spiritual lives.  If you want something you’ve never had, you probably have to do something you’ve never done.  Be historical, be spiritual, be more filled w Jesus than any previous year.

2 thoughts on “the joys of history

  1. My prayer for it all:

    May God bless our new President with wisdom, compassion, and strength to endure.

    May this day mark a new day in the progress toward racial reconciliation.

    May Christains begin to unify to spread grace, love and compassion throughout our world.

  2. i love this post. it’s a call-out to all who may disagree, let’s pray for our President. prayerfully, he can receive more respect from a community who didn’t vote for him than our former president received.

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