distance #1: personal space can be too expensive

distanceI learned alot about personal space when I took at train ride in China for a few days.  In short, Americans get REALLY hung up on this idea – especially compared to my thoroughly lovable Asian friends (big hugs!). 

This whole space & distance thing can really trip me up – most of my closest friends don’t live in Denver which has been an interesting thing for me to consider.  In the last month or so, God has really been speaking to me about this idea of distance – most specifically in the ways I keep Him at a distance.  So I’ve been on a bit of a journey with Him to explore some of the ways I keep Him at arms length, discovering the great expense to myself.  Here’s something to think about:  in Luke 7:2-10, a centurion sent some Jewish leaders to ask Jesus to come & heal his servant.  When Jesus got close to the centurion’s house, the centurion sent his friends out to Jesus & told Him not to come any further but he still believed that Jesus could heal his servant.  His servant got healed, but the distance the centurion kept was extremely expensive. 

So, I’d be totally interested to know your thoughts about distance.  🙂

Answer me these questions three: 

  1. how do you keep God at a distance?
  2. why do you keep Him at a distance?
  3. how does it work for you when you keep Him at a distance?

distance #2: getting closer

There are lots of reasons to keep one’s distance in relationships.  There are also lots of reasons to allow one’s self to get close in relationships.  I’d really like your input on some reasons in both categories – so can you please leave a comment?

Also, I’m excited because Sunday I get to share about this topic & I feel that God’s given me some pretty amazing things to consider & apply – don’t miss Sunday for any reason.  You also need to come because Mark Thomas is leading worship & it will be really powerful.  It will really be worth your time!

distance #3

Ok, sunday i had the privilege of speaking about letting Jesus get close.  Just to be totally honest – i had way too much fun getting to share on this topic.  Seriously, this was a blast for me!!!

Here’s my gist:  i think that we keep Jesus at a distance for lots of reasons, but some common ones include: 

  • busy-ness (i’m too busy, like Martha in Luke 10, i think),
  • hurt / emotions (i’m disappointed or hurt by Jesus so i’m going to keep my distance, like Mary in John 11)
  • unworthy (i’ve got WAY too much garbage in my life for Jesus to get too close, like the centurion in Luke 11).

Its unfortunate that we use these reasons to keep Jesus at arms length.  I’ve found that if I ask Him to help me w my busy-ness, i feel closer to Him & He often does help me!  I also find that Jesus is deeply moved by my pain & wants to be involved in helping me resolve it.  Finally, the reality is that we all have huge quantities of garbage – but Jesus came to make us worthy.  Keeping Jesus at a distance from our personal lives isn’t constructive.  the end