attention, attention!

I’m admitting something publically – I’m an ’80s music fan.  If you start humming  a tune from then, I can probably chime in w the lyrics. Back in the day, there was a song, “Somebody’s Watchin’ Me” that was popular for a short time and the chorus echoed, “somebody’s watchin’ me, . . . . ”  and I used to get this stuck in my head.


Fast forward a few decades & I can still hear the chorus, but I don’t think that’s all bad now.  I have a lot of spectators in my life – my kids, husband, neighbors, parents at my kid’s school, church friends & even random people I’ve never met before.  Someone is always watching me – even when I think no one is looking.  So here’s an interesting question to consider:  am I most true to who I am when no one is looking or am the same person when I know I’m being watched or not? 

Isabell & I had this discussion the other day about obeying when no one is looking.  How much more true is this w our heavenly Father, who is ALWAYS watching – even moreso, who is always with us.  If you crave attention, know that you always having Somone watching you.  If you’re the secretive type of person, know that no matter how much you hide, Somone is always watching you.  Whether you’re going through a really hard season (like Job) or life is groovy for the moment, Someone is always watching you.  You’ve always got Someone’s attention.