investment strategies

This is a crazy time for investments, of particular interest is the stock market over the last 6-9 months! Yowzer!!  The stock market can be very unsettling if you’ve invested in it over the years & were relying on it to provide finances for you now!  OUCH!

heaven1Investment is deciding to not consume something now but rather to set it aside, so that it will be available to be useful in the future (hopefully, to have grown).  Investment kind of flies in the thinking of modern conventional thinking – to our own demise.  From a macro-scopic viewpoint, I think that we rarely consider investments from an eternal point of view, even though Jesus encouraged us to do this in Matt 6:1-21.  In these verses, Jesus basically identifies 3 resources all of us have at least a little bit of – money, relationships & appetites / desires (energy).  Some personal questions He asks us to consider:

  • what are we doing with these resources?
  • have we considered these resources from the viewpoint of eternity?
  • will we have any resources / investments set aside & ready for us when we cross over into eternity? 

In Matt 6:21, Jesus says that where our treasure is, you’ll find our heart there.  Something interesting to consider in connection with not only our finances, but our relationship w God & our appetites & energy.

Can you pls leave a comment w some ideas on how you can use your money, relationship w God & energy (appetites) for investments in eternity?

2 thoughts on “investment strategies

  1. What resources do you have? (Eph 1:18-23) This is what we have to consider before we can invest our resources. If we truly believe that we are sons and daughters of the Lord of Lord and King of Kings then we are blessed with the riches of the WHOLE UNIVERSE, and God gave us dominion over it all! But sadly so many of God’s children don’t understand or believe this. God’s riches aren’t necessarily money. God has no money, as in Federal Reserve Notes (dollar bills) but he does own all the riches of this world. So, just because we don’t have our hands on lots of Federal Reserve Notes which are only a representative of money we do have something much more valuable; a mind of Christ. We have riches beyond our own belief or imagination, we just have to realize that our resources are unlimited and all we have to do is pray for God to show us what we are to do with them. He will show us what to do with our vast resources. We just have to ask. The only way to ask is to pray. Of course we need to correct motive. The correct motive is to desire God’s will be done on earth as it also it in heaven.
    We must not focus on the money because it will sprout wings a fly away. (Prov 23:5) So, our focus must be on God’s will which is to save the lost, feed the hungry and heal the sick.
    It is a paradigm shift for us to think we have the riches of the world as our fingertips.
    When Jesus needed money did he go and work for it? No! He just told Peter to go a pick it up. (Matt 17:27) When Jesus needed more provision did he tell his deciples to go to work and make more tents to earn the money? NO! He blessed what he HAD and it multiplied into more than enough (Matt 15:36)
    We all have to decide how we are going to think. Are we going to think what we see or see what we think?
    If we truly have a mind of Christ we will see what we think. AMEN

  2. One thing i have learned is that their is nothing new under the sun. Also that the natural parallels the spiritual. Spiritually speaking their are different levels of relationships with God, and they really show under pressure. Under hard circumstances Christians primary react specific ways dependent upon depth and maturity, so lets parallel.

    Old money-someone a very long time ago that made a lot of money and the family has been living off it ever since. this is like a Christian who a long time ago had something great with God but hasn’t gotten anything new, has just been living off the old. So disconnected that when a trial comes they seem to not even realize its their, they are in their own little world. They’ve seen, been, and done but they won’t change, that’s like old money.

    New money-this is an entrepreneur that normally thought of something new, put everything he had into it, worked real hard, and came across a lot of money because of it. This is like a Christian that under pressure tries something against the normal and finds out how real God is when they put everything into it. They tend to be a fighter and someone who will always try to find a new way to refresh his relationship. Because of this they become Giants in the spiritual world.

    Lottery Winners-some how they came across a lot of money due to a fluke and because of it its gone in six months, since they never took the time to learn how to use the money they just got excited and spent it. This is the Christian who gets drug to church, gets saved, gets really excited and even wears Christian t-shirts and six months later relapses and is worse off then before. they got really excited but never took the time to change.

    Entrepreneur-they are a go getter they might not have all the money yet but they are in a high risk, all or nothing, no return state of mind. if what they try the first time doesn’t work they will adapt and change to succeed. This Christian thrives under pressure, they see it as opportunity, they are the ones that thrive (make money) when no one else is (these are the ones who become new money)

    Middle Class-the average Joe of society. Show up, do the job, get paid, and go home. Satisfied with the norm and will probably never change. These Christians get up on Sunday go to church, give an offering, go home say a prayer over the food but will probably never see a great move of God in their life because they are satisfied with Sunday. When a hard time comes they tend to go with the flow.

    Poor-survival mode, woe is me. Have you ever heard a Christian complain about everything because the world is against them and they have new bad news every day and it gets to the point that you don’t even want to talk to them. Its like when you come up to a stop light and glance out your window and see someone holding a cardboard sign and you quickly turn your head because you don’t want to make eye contact.

    I look at this time while our economy is in the toilet and I see a time to make money. Opportunities are everywhere if you are buying something you can find it cheaper now due to the current situation. I bought a new window and sink for my house the other day normally it would of been 500 for both, i got it for 105, you can buy low now from people that need to move a product and sell high later if you can wait. The question that I need to ask myself is I am by nature an Entrepreneur in the natural but am I the same in the Spiritual?

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