Today is a cooking day for me.  I’m making:  bran muffins, fresh bread (from newspaper recipe – i don’t think its turning out very well), a german recipe w sauerkraut (i’m a HUGE german food fan), mushroom risotto & probably monte cristos for dinner.  It seems like when i get in the cooking mindset i just go to town & then i don’t feel like cooking for 2 weeks.  Nevertheless, i hope this all turns out ok.

breadAs for the bread, i was thinking about the Lord’s Prayer when Jesus teaches us to ask for our daily bread.  You know, it takes alot of work to make bread – we dont have a bread machine, nor do i want one.  But there’s lots of kneading, mixing, waiting for it to rise, measuring, etc.  I think about this when Jesus says that He is the bread of life & man doesn’t live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from God’s mouth.  The Bible has lots of interesting things to say about bread – its pretty cool to consider these things in light of what it takes to make bread.  See any connections? 🙂