how to look smart

here are some thoughts:

  • wear glasses
  • carry a book (avoid comics)
  • keep a pen behind your ear
  • let your hair get messy (a mediocre suggestions bc it can backfire & make you look silly)
  • ask questions
  • listen alot

Looking smart is different from being wise.  Lots of people can look the part, but actually being a wise person requires more than just looking the part.  Proverbs has lots to say about how to be wise, starting w the fear of the Lord.  It also says that even a fool looks smart when they keep their mouth shut.  I’ve heard that role around in my head on more than 1 occassion, that’s for sure!  Anyways, just some encouragement here: why not think about reading 1 Proverb each day for the next month & then consider if your wisdom quotient has improved.  It probably will  😉