how to look smart

here are some thoughts:

  • wear glasses
  • carry a book (avoid comics)
  • keep a pen behind your ear
  • let your hair get messy (a mediocre suggestions bc it can backfire & make you look silly)
  • ask questions
  • listen alot

Looking smart is different from being wise.  Lots of people can look the part, but actually being a wise person requires more than just looking the part.  Proverbs has lots to say about how to be wise, starting w the fear of the Lord.  It also says that even a fool looks smart when they keep their mouth shut.  I’ve heard that role around in my head on more than 1 occassion, that’s for sure!  Anyways, just some encouragement here: why not think about reading 1 Proverb each day for the next month & then consider if your wisdom quotient has improved.  It probably will  😉

2 thoughts on “how to look smart

  1. Looks like I probably won’t look smart, I read comic books and have been known to carry them around sometimes!

    My mom always told us to read one Proverb each day of the month. It’s something I’ve always tried to stick to it. Awesome advice!

  2. However, if you try the Pen Behind Your Ear thing, make sure you have good balance and a good ear cushion, otherwise, that pen will keep falling out, and there goes the smart look! :/ Btw, who carries comics anymore? Have you seen someone carry comics? I would LOVE to see someone carrying comics around again! It seems like years since I’ve seen something like that!! LOL! Maybe I’ll re-start a comic carrying trend, that’d be sweet if it caught on! I think most people carry around People magazine or something like Vogue… ok, I see why you say “comics”… today’s comic equivalent!

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