my brain & a typhoon

I’ve been sitting here thinking about this day & reflecting about why my brain doesn’t seem very perky.  As I think about this, it causes me to consider what happened today:

  • stresser concern about Benji coughing (he woke up at 1130pm last night coughing, so I slept w him until about 2am)
  • kids getting to school late
  • tv taping – VERY important day & trying to get it done well & be helpful to people
  • work stresses
  • remembered a phone call i’ve needed to make for the past week  😦
  • crossing guard – probably the smoothest part of my day
  • my brother-in-law letting me know he’s coming for dinner when I was planning to have pizza rolls for the kids & leftovers for Reece – yikes!
  • Senate meeting for Bell & David’s school – very smart people i get to hang out w
  • lots of thinking, trying to understand & feeling kind of stupid (although generally keeping my mouth shut in an endeavor to look intelligent)

So, this day has been typhoon-ish.  I would like tomorrow be calm-ish.  That would be a nice counter-point.  The interesting thing about this day, however, is that God really spoke w me before the day ever got really moving that He uses all things for good to those who love Him & are called according to His purposes (Rom 8:28).  My conclusion from the entirety of this day is to keep loving God & He works it all out.  The End

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