yesterday, Benji was running & fell – getting the classic elbow scrape.  it wasn’t bleeding, but the skin got rubbed off just enough to make it stingy for awhile.  getting hurt is the pits – big hurts, little hurts, medium size hurts, they’re all the pits.

bandaidlately, i’ve been thinking about pain & some hurts from back when i was a kid.  everyone has childhood pains – hurt feelings, broken friendships, parental disappointments, harsh words that still haunt us, . . . . .  being human can be stingy.  but the real rub comes if we don’t let something good come out of the pain.  i’ve watched myself with the various pains that have been interwoven in my life – sometimes i let them impair me & sometimes i take them to God.  When i take them to God, i want Him to make it feel better NOW & yesterday is too long to wait.  But here’s an interesting thought, pain has caused me to burrow into God (maybe more like respond to His invitations) like i never do when i’m not hurt.  i find, of late, that Jesus walks me through various pains & helps me grow – grow closer to Him, grow in truth, grow in strength, grow in character, grow. so maybe the various pains we experience are “growing pains” when we bring them to Jesus. 

pain isn’t so much the problem, its what we do w it that impairs, medicates or fuels us.  let’s chose to grow