uber cool!

I just had the privilege of getting to hang out w some ultra cool chicks / women.  i have a friend who’s connected into a Korean church in town & she invited me to share w their lady’s group – what an amazing time.  We women are very unique creatures.  We have tremendous capacity for fellowship & relationship w each other – but this also translates to our relationship w Jesus.  I love this about us.  We have an amazing potential to love, to listen, to communicate, to be intimate (without getting weird), to share our hearts – such richness of fellowship.  I love seeing this in action w Jesus & experiencing this with the communion of the Holy Spirit.  I’m very full.

family time

Today, we had a small bit of family time.  Reece & i took Benji (our 5 yr old) skiing.  Reece & Benji ski, but i snowboard – that’s a whole different story.  Anyways, driving up to the mtns, it was totally beautiful.  It was lightly snowing & the wind would gently stir the trees, catching the snow & creating almost like snow ghosts, whisping around the tree tops.  Once we hit the slopes, it continued to snow throughout the day & was totally captivating.  I don’t think there are many more peaceful things then being in the mountains while its snowing.  Everything seems extremely still & quiet – almost like a holy awe.  It was also incredible today because i couldn’t hardly see – the snow from the sky was blending into the snow on the ground & i my eyes couldn’t differentiate very well different elevations on the ground.  You can make your own conclusions, but none of us got hurt.

Ok, my point in all of this was that today seemed like a divine assault on my senses – totally light, the air filled w stillness & the clouds occassionally giving way to the sun’s mild globe.  Totally amazing.  i’m captivated by God – such extravagence