Ok, really crazy, lively & interesting dialogue from my facebook page about friendships.  In a recent status update, i said, “who you pick as friends can reflect your future.”  A sentence w less than 10 words but has generated lots of feedback!!

So, i want your opinion:  agree, disagree & why

“who you pick as friends can reflect your future.”


4 thoughts on “friends

  1. I totally agree that the friends we pick influence our lives. I have been blessed with friends that have supported me, believed in me, friends who have given me prayer support and friends who actucally walked through my journery of inner healing. I have two friends that have gone to be with the Lord, and their lives still have an impact on me, the things they taught me,how their lives expressed their deep love and devotion to Christ, I think will always have a postitive influence on my life.

    I have also had “friends” that have not beens such a good influence in my life. Through actions or behaviors toward me that have had a negative influence on my life. Ultimately you can’t allow yourself to get pulled in to doubt about who you are or what God says about you. This is when you have to know your authority in Christ and walk in what He says about you not what others opinnons of you are. I feel you have to be careful that you are not unequally yoked with friends. (I feel this has to do with friendships not just the spouse you pick). Ultimatley walk in God’s truth, cling on to His word and His Love for you.

  2. “who you pick as friends can reflect your future.” Yes, this is a very profound statement. It seems as if the body of Christ crucifies it’s own through so called friends. This can definitely affect your future. This past year, I have experienced judgment and betrayal by people I thought were friends. There is a book by Gene Edwards called Exquisite Agony and on his cover he states: Pain suffered by a Christian at the hands of another believer is one of the most destructive experiences one will ever know. Few recover completely. many are destroyed from effective Christian living forever.

    It is extremely important to choose wisely because people have been known to turn on their friends for their own gain. When people try and control your every move or judge your every move and call it love…RUN!

    On the other hand, I have some very true friends who love unconditionally and I thank God for them every day.

  3. I agree with your statement choosing a friend is as important and as vital as the decisions that you will make in life that can result in blessing or in the worst decision you ever made. I also believe that you should live your life with open arms like Jesus did and trying to make a good impact in every life you encounter, if I look at Jesus life as a friend and look at how he behave as a friend I see that He was eager to encounter new people and fully engage with them, the main difference I see is that He was very sure of who He was and what His life was all about, He put that first and did not allow nothing nor any one come against that, which showed me that if I want to be a friend and offer the best of me, I have to be sure of where I stand as a person and what the values and call in my life is, offer my friends only what I am able to give without sacrificing or allowing any thing from that relationship mess with my values and my call in life. Offcourse this is easier sad than done, after all friendships are relationships and that is what our God deals with every minute of our life’s a relationship with Him.
    The hearting and the letting you down will happen but in the other hand sometimes the letting down and heart will be done by your hand even if you did not meant for it to happen. I am grateful for new friends, and the old I ask for forgiveness to my old friends if I have hurt you or missundertood you, know that you all are dimonds in my life and that I will pray for all of you and I ma here if you need me. And thank you Sarah for allowing me to be a new friend to you I pray that our friendship will alloways have Christ in the center and that I will richly bless your life as I am sure you will bless mine, I except you as my friend juest as you are, and rejoicing in what God has created in you and planted in your life to share with all of us,

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