the Lord’s Prayer

Ok, before you decide to skip this because you’ve got this prayer well memorized – let me interject some thoughts to interrupt the rote, mundane familiarity.  Consider:

  • This prayer starts with “our Father in heaven”:  wholly other to us, but Jesus uses the “Father” metaphor to give us some kind of familiar context to latch onto, a beginning point (don’t let it trip you up if the father you grew up with fell way short of a “good dad” or if he was simply absent in your life)
  • the next 3 “requests” have everything to do with emphasizing God in our lives through: reverence to His Name, obedience to His Kingship and surrender to His will.  How often is our prayer life initiated with these 3 priorities?  Hmmmmmmm
  • the next 4 “requests” ask for God’s participation in our daily living:  give me what I need for today, help me to be forgiving in my relationships, keep me away from temptation & protect me from the evil one.

Could I impose upon you to try an experiment for a week?  Would you consider making the 1st three God requests every morning when you wake up?  After this, on the way to work or school, would you then submit to God the 4 petitions that are more self focused? 

I’ve been trying this & have been pleasantly suprised – at present, I can’t find more words to bring more clarity to the experience.  its just been good!!

10 thoughts on “the Lord’s Prayer

  1. dear wind blown leaf, I’m not sure if I subscribe to the concept in question, because I’m not sure what it is or where it originates from. want to illuminate me? 🙂

  2. Greetings,
    Pastor Sarah I was referring to your first point above that says:

    “This prayer starts with “our Father in heaven”:
    wholly other to us, but Jesus uses the “Father”
    metaphor to give us some kind of familiar context
    to latch onto, a beginning point”

    Essentially the concept that God is `wholly other’ states,
    that there is nothing that humankind can do to bridge the gulf;
    however, God can reach `down’ to humanity, and bridge the gulf.
    This is not something that happens by merit or effort on the
    part of individuals, but is entirely the grace and gift of God.
    Humanity cannot reach God by philosophy, or theology, or science,
    or nature. It also says God cannot be reached by religious
    feelings or actions. It all comes down to God’s action toward us,
    on behalf of us. Bottom Line the concept says we can not know God
    unless He chooses to reveal himself to us.

  3. Pastor Sarah,

    I just wanted to give a brief testimonial of the sermon you did on the Lord’s Prayer last Wednesday night.

    I had always thought that I was doing okay in my prayer life, but when you talked about how we don’t give God the proper honor and reverence, it’s almost as if a light bulb finally clicked for me in my spirit.

    I know it’s only been one week but my prayer life has grown by leaps and bounds and my relationship with the Father God has deepened in ways that I never knew it could.

    I have found myself hungering for HIS presence morning, noon and night.

    Thank you so much for listening to obeying God’s will.

  4. todays message spoke to me,my perception of a father is kinda messed up,I dont really know what having a good dad is like,and that has definitly affected my relationship GOD,but He is showing me and teaching me,Praise GOD!

  5. I watched this teaching last week here in the Sultanate of Oman and it jumpstarted my prayer life i.e.the emphasis and deeper meaning of the word ” Our Father ” . All i can say is Thank you Holy Spirit for this revelation through you and your ministry. God Bless.

  6. Sarah,

    Since we had started the 21 days of fasting, I had been wondering what to be praying about. I did not want to be selfish. I try to thank God for my many blessings and I usually end up asking him to help my friends and family with their problems. I was raised Catholic so saying the Lord’s Prayer is second nature, but I do not really think about the words I am saying. Your teaching on TV has really helped me to look into it more. I am going to start today to follow the guidelines the Lord’s Prayer has given us to follow.

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