Lord’s Prayer – Our Father

The word, “father” evokes lots of feelings, emotions, thoughts & responses.  Unfortunately, because we’re finite & don’t have unlimited understanding, we take our experiences & project them onto other things & relationships – be that good or bad.  This can be a problem when you consider that when Jesus teaches us how to pray, He tells us to address God as our Father.  Notice that Jesus did not say to address the 1st person of the Trinity as: boss / employer, best friend, roommate, master, slave driver, etc.  Jesus tells us to address the person we pray to as our Father in heaven.

Furthermore, I believe that there are a few reasons why our relationship with our heavenly Father can get dysfunctional based on the parable of the prodigal’s son.  Consider that both sons didn’t have a very healthy relationship with their father.  The prodigal’s relationship with his father lacked intimacy because the son was selfish.  The older son’s relationship with his father was dysfunctional because he didn’t even see his father as his dad – consider how he describes his interaction with his dad in Luke 15:29;  this doesn’t sound alot like a father / son relationship. 

So when you address your heavenly Father, is there some dysfunction you could possibly be projecting onto your relationship with Him?  What might this be & could God be wanting to help you make some healthy adjustments so that your interaction with Him is more authentic?  Feel free to leave comments / thoughts.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Lord’s Prayer – Our Father

  1. My “dysfunction” or where I get stuck, is in my understanding of what a father is, or should be? God has been cleaning out my closet! (so to speak) My understanding and thinking needs to be renewed. God has been showing me His love and faithfulness. He is never going to leave me or forsake me. WOW…

  2. Sarah,
    I heard your teaching on TBN on March 12 about the Lord’s prayer. I found the Lord speaking to me through your message.
    I’ve read articles and heard many messages about the Lord’s prayer, but in your teaching, I must say there is a special annointing.
    One important concept was the point you made about the entire purpose of prayer itself. It’s not just to ask for things, it’s to express our total inadequacy to handle things–the “I just need help” attitude. Also meaningful was your talking of what the actual focus of prayer is to be-Him, not us. His name being Holy, His will being done. Almost like His instruments asking, speaking and carrying out His “job” for us while we are here on earth.

    It would be great if you wrote a book about this if the Lord so led so more people could hear this teaching than just people who watch the show. 🙂

    In Christ,
    Marla in NC

  3. It has always been a really big problem for me, trying to comprehend God as “Father”. My own father was totally missing from my life, my mother had only a limited presence in my life, and I was raised by grandparents from another generation who couldn’t relate to me. With all that, the concept of a loving father in my life was, and is, totally foreign to me. I apprehend it, but COMPREHENDING it is so often beyond me 😦

  4. Vince, i’d encourage you to listen & watch for God’s invitations in your life – i reckon that He would like to establish the reality of His presence in you. Consider praying Gal 4:6 every day – there’s a great possibility that He will connect you to Himself in a captivating love. praying for you

  5. Vince,
    My son also was raised by s single parent-me. I’ve tried to tell my son that God is his father-his whole life but the lack of the actual presence of a parent leaves a hole. But what is so great is that God is a God of miracles and you can ask Him to fill that hole with His presence as your real father.
    What also might help is to realize that many people that had their real fathers, didn’t have it so great either. Some fathers were present, but never there (emotionally, or even physically) which also leaves a hole.
    What is also so great is that every single “hole”, and each of us has some type of hole, (that only God can fill), is the place that God wants to fill us the most and then turn it all around to use us in this very area.
    You can show the type of compassion to others who also didn’t have a father and also that don’t know God. If you are saved and know God, you have the answer for them.
    I prayed that God would show my son and you also, just how wonderful a father God can be since father God will always be a better father than any human parent any of us will ever have.
    God bless and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh! 🙂

    Marla in NC

  6. I had a very hard time when I was younger of saying “our father”. I mean of course in church you have the regular. “Our father, who art in heaven…” But beyond that I could never say, “father” in my prayers because it didn’t seem correct. As my life has gone on, and my relationship with God deepend it becomes easier to picture it, and comprehend it. Because honestly each year I have a deeper more intimate idea of who God is. You think you know him, and then he does something completely different that widens your eyes, and enlarges your perspective. And as that deepens, the sin, the earthliness you begin to “shed” -you might say. In my prayer time now I have a much easier time saying it, because I know him better, and I can go back to the times in my life where I’ve been depressed and just upset and say, “yeah that’s right God did that” or “God said that”. I remember one time I had just made stupid mistakes and was upset at different people. And when I went to God about it I expected to be rebuked for it. But the first thing God said was, “It doesn’t matter what other people think because I love you”.

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