worry & solutions

Worry is a big deal – everyone has struggled w worry to varying degrees.  If you are presently in a good frame of mind, its easy to say, “don’t worry, just have faith.”  However, if you’re having any struggles w life issues, then it doesn’t seem to be quite so simple, at least not for me.  Something that I’ve found helpful is in Matthew 6:25-32 when Jesus talks about not worrying.  In these verses, Jesus singles out worrying about clothing, food, drink & time – but I think that His main thought in these verses deals with us not worrying.  When Jesus tells us not to worry, He points our focus to God’s creation (birds & lillies) – thereby taking our attention off of the thing(s) we worry about.  But even better, in verse 33, He tells us to focus our attention on God. 

Personally, I find this to be really helpful when there are worry issues that try to plague me.  While I think its really important to not bury my head in the sand & ignore problems, I also know that if various problems make me worry, this isn’t good either.    It is very important that my thoughts are surrendered to Jesus’ Lordship – 2 Cor 10:5.  So if you’re struggling w sorry, consider memorizing Philip 4:6-8 to help immunize you against the worry disease.  🙂

One thought on “worry & solutions

  1. Sarah,

    First of all, I want to thank you for your teaching titled, “The Lord’s Prayer.” I had never heard any of your teaching until I heard this. It was such a confirmation of what the Lord has been teaching me about prayer.

    Recently, for lent, I have started a new and different type of “Prayer Time” with the Lord. I am dividing my prayer time in half and sitting in complete “Silence” with Him for half our time together. I am focusing more on “Listening.” It has been an awesome time for me.

    As for worry, I was really struggling with it myself for several months. My husband is in school full-time, working very little. So without God’s peace I could easily worry a lot about finances. The Lord put it on my heart to start an accountability group with other Christian women. We meet every other week, to share our progress in our walk with the Lord, and to pray for each other. I asked the ladies to choose a scripture to be their verse for the year 2009, to memorize and meditate on. The verse I chose was the one you mentioned: Philippians 4:6,7.

    Since I have memorized these verses, I have been in complete peace. Anytime a worrisome thought comes into my mind, I meditate on these verses and it leaves immediately. Also, I’m sure the prayers of my accountability partners are carrying me through this season of my life!

    May the Lord bless you abundantly!


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