seek 1st God’s Kingdom & His righteousness

imported-photos-00018Ok, I’m speaking tomorrow night on Matt 6:33 – seek 1st God’s kingdom & His righteousness & all these things will be added to you.  The previous verses are when Jesus tells us not to worry.  So with that in mind, what do you think Jesus meant when He said to seek 1st the Kingdom AND God’s righteousness???  Please leave a comment – would enjoy getting your feedback! 🙂

7 thoughts on “seek 1st God’s Kingdom & His righteousness

  1. Hi Sarah,
    This is Bobby from Chennai,India.I watch you and Marilyn on DayStar.I like your blog very much.Now coming to your question,i think God wants us to seek Him and seek to do what is right in His sight no matter what–“Seek first the kingdom and God’s righteousness”.”Seeking” and “doing” goes hand in hand and they are interdependent.Well that’s what i think 🙂 ..Hope to hear more from you.

  2. I think this topic starts in Chapter 4 when Jesus was tempted the action of turning rocks into bread is not a sin but the motives that would of driven Jesus to do it were. Jesus was raising the bar he was saying don’t just do good things but have the right heart behind it or don’t do it at all. He is discusses the battle we fight concerning motives even when we are doing the right thing. It goes into the Beatitudes and then salt and light Jesus didn’t say don’t be salt that acts and looks like pepper he says don’t loose the flavor behind the appearance. Don’t murder and now don’t get angry. Even before the Lords prayer he says when you pray don’t babble for men but pray for God. It then goes into fasting with the right heart and storing up the right treasure. Prayer, fasting, storing treasure, not committing murder and adultery are all good things but if we do them with the wrong motives we might as well be a murdering adulterous that doesn’t know God. But if you keep your heart right and do good (seek first His kingdom and His righteousness), and believe that God sees the secret part (motives) then He will take care of everything.

  3. Hi Sarah. I love you in Christ. I need to ask a question about prayer. Do you ever feel like your prayers are cold and selfish? I have certain prayers I always pray before bedtime (when I am very tired). But I feel like I am just repeating things over and over. Do you ever feel that way about prayer? Is this bad? Jim in St. Louis, Missouri

    • Yes, from time to time i feel like my prayers are wooden & cold. i don’t think that the repetition is all bad but i’d encourage you to be sure & take some listening time, as perhaps God is beckoning you to Himself. nothing is more delightful than being summoned by the Divine 🙂

  4. just like a friend was here and said, things in the bible have their timelines, and we just need to be concerned that we are going to be w/jesus where he is, and to do those things we are called to do, quickly. Also, for me, we still need to pray.

  5. In biblical text, the word “kingdom” as used by Jesus refers to God’s Government. We as the citizens of this kingdom have to get ourselves rightly aligned by means of a personal fellowship ( getting right with God), Be Kingdom law abiding citizens and maintain the same (righteousness) inorder to recive the priveleges of God’s Government i.e. all needs mets such as provision , healing , security , peace & purpose.

  6. I will never (fully) understand the mysteries of God, the ways of God, and why He does things this way or that way.

    But I feel that the SEARCH for God’s love through believing Jesus Christ in essence BECOMES the truth in my life.

    SEEKING the truth actually IS the truth.

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