God is

I really dig my friends & i’m just rocked by God’s love that He expresses through these friendships.  i’m astounded at God’s patience w me as He helps me grow.  i’m astounded by God’s beauty expressed through the snow.  i’m astounded by Gods’ provisions that always find a way to meet me in all the places of need that i experience.  i’m astounded by God’s presence that i experience in a variety of ways, from flying on airplanes, to worshipping Him w my ipod, seeing Him through my kids & sensing His whisper to me in various conversations. 

contentment is in Him.

One thought on “God is

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on the Lord´s Prayer.
    I am a little behind on your schedule.
    Thank you for showing me that it is not all about me,
    what a relieve!,
    and that I may put God, and everything He is, first in my life
    and that I may follow.
    Not my will but Your Will be done!
    Thank you, Sarah!

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