knowing God

knotI’ve been thinking alot about knowing God.  Some of my favorite verses on this objective are: Philip 3:6-10 & Jer 29:11.  I particularly like Jer 29:11 because it simplifies what’s important to achieve in life to one thing – knowing God.  In this journey of knowing God (actually, I honestly think that He pursues us more ardently than we could ever imagine), there are a few things that I’ve realized to be helpful while travelling:

*God is Triune:  God expresses Himself differently as God our Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.  Knowing God is more than knowing information about Him.  Its relationship development in the fullest sense of the words.  I also believe that knowing God takes Him opening our eyes to His work & Him opening our ears to His voice & lastly Him sensitizing our heart to His presence.  Knowing God exceeds a mere cerebral exercise.

*Platforms / Contexts:  there are alot of platforms / contexts in our lives through which God expresses Himself, if we cooperate w His efforts. Some of these platforms / contexts include:  family, work, kids, friends, mate, etc.  What I’ve sensed God saying of late about these platforms is that they can be used by Him in my life to help me know Him better if I keep the right perspective.  More than that, He said that He will help me with that perspective thing because He wants me to know Him even more than I want to know Him.  How completely enchanting!!!

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