enemies of intimacy #2

I’ve been considering this topic for quite some time now & as I’ve thought about it, in the context of having intimacy w God, i’ve noticed some things about myself (better to say that the Holy Spirit has shown me many areas that need adjustment to improve our intimacy together).  God has really shown me that when i isolate myself or get independent, these behaviors don’t cultivate an environment conducive to intimacy. Because of some of my mindsets, upbringing & poor decisions, along w other things, i notice myself withdraw & get very independent at various times & stages in my life.  Thanks to God, He’s shown me some of these things & i’ve repented of these behaviors.  With His help & insights, i’m not isolating & being as independent as i used to be in the past.

On a deeper level, God is dealing w me now, on why i’ve behaved in these ways.  I love that God addresses our surface behaviors first to get our attention & then digs in deeper because ultimately, our relationship w God isn’t just about surface actions but about our hearts interfacing in authenticity & vulnerability.

Do you see any surface behaviors that have been enemies to your intimacy w God?