enemies of intimacy #3

We had the SUPER priviliege of hosting RT Kendall this weekend & he is one of God’s gifts to me.  God uses him to speak into my life at interesting times in my life.  One of the things God has really spoken w me about is in relation to forgiveness.  Now the best book i ever read about forgiveness is by RT, “Total Forgiveness”.  Its a classic & you should read & possibly re-read it.

Truthfully, i think that unforgiveness could possibly be the biggest enemy to intimacy, full stop.  Unforgiveness is brutal – it causes us to separate, isolate & detach.  Don’t think for a minute that you can have unforgiveness w a person & still have a snuggly, cuddly God relationship.  At the end of Matt 6, Jesus makes it really clear that the forgiveness we rec’v from God is dependent on the forgiveness we extend to others.  Forgiveness is one of the key themes you read from Jesus throughout the Gospels & its my suspicion that He does this because we need to get really good at it because we have HEAPS of opprotunities to practice it (from small & microscopic to massive & galactic monstrosities). 

If you struggle w forgiving someone, welcome to humanity.  Thankfully, we can look to God, His Word & some great resources (like RT’s book) to help us get better.  But forgiveness starts w a decision – to be a forgiving person, maybe even to become an expert.  😉