enemies of intimacy #4

I read this quote yesterday, “if things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough” – mario andretti (racecar driver).  In the past (maybe not so distant past), i’ve had some challenges with driving too quickly.  We could go into some humorous descriptions, but suffice it to say that when i was dating my husband, he complimented my driving, saying that, “you drive like you’re going somewhere.”  He’s a diplomatic man 😉

Seems like everything in our world is fast & getting faster:  iphones w 3G speed, wireless as opposed to high speed internet, faxes have become moribund & facebook lets us see what our friends are up to in almost real time.  i’m a BIG FAN of this speed evolution, but its not beneficial in all contexts (i.e. speeding tix & that’s all i’m gonna say about that right now).  Let me say to you that intimacy doesn’t grow & isn’t fostered at mach speed.  My husband & i have been married for more than 15 yrs & our relationship has grown & deepened over time.  We have a more indepth relationship now than we did when we were 5yrs married or 10yrs married, etc.  I anticipate that our relationship will be even deeper when we’re 25yrs married.

clockTake this premise & consider God.  I want a depth & intimacy w God that is indescribable.  But i can honestly say that my intimacy w God has definately increased the most over the past 5 years, i believe largely due to the increased quantity of time that i’ve spent w Him.  Time w God is an essential ingredient to intimacy w God.  Time w God can come in lots of different contexts & formats, but being intentional about spending time w God expresses w your actions that God is important to you & that you desire to be with Him.  Without such intentionality, intimacy w God can easily become an elusive & frothy expression lacking substance & grounding.

2 thoughts on “enemies of intimacy #4

    I constantly am fighting the urge to just go faster. God is always trying to get me to slow down. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but hey, I press on.

  2. I am naturally a fast thinking, fast acting person with naturally little patience (I am getting better at this patience thing now) and a great drive to do things – this has come in very useful in the past when God has had me do things really quickly – BUT first I have had to spend time in prayer, leave my old independant self behind (often telling the Lord I can’t do this Lord please help me, please do it for me – total reliance on Him), had to have patience to wait for him to activate and to move me in the RIGHT direction – and then hold on tight – boy do I move FAST with Him leading. Hook up with Jesus and he’ll have you going over the speed limit every time – its so exciting and there will not be any fines for speeding!! Just great rewards, great fulfillment and an overwhelming sense of peace. Praise the Lord forevermore.

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