some random thoughts

my daughter has finally grown into the skirt & jacket my brother bought her 2 years ago – she’s really beautiful & very confident! 

my son, Benji & i did a butt black yesterday.  translation:  we got on an expert ski run by accident & slid down on our butts

David & I had a “walking home together” date.  We discussed his friends, different books he’s read & kicking rocks

Reece & i took Benji skiing yesterday – he let me sleep in the car on the way home.  very peaceful!

Some spiritual thoughts / considerations floating through my mind of late:

  • when i feel cold-blooded, i look for the Son to get warm
  • contentment is internal & not external – so they say
  • God has life for me underneath the frustrations, worries & cares that will change tomorrow
  • doing is a consequence of being
  • I’m made to be w God

I’ve also been thinking about Jesus’ parable related to living a productive life, so i’ll be blogging on that over the next few days.  keep your eyes peeled!

2 thoughts on “some random thoughts

  1. Dear Sarah, Sorry I’m not very technically minded but wanted to leave a general comment. I want to thank you for all your teachings, insights and honesty about your struggles!! I have been listening to your teaching on line for a few months now and its been so encouraging and helpful to my walk with Jesus, especiallly when its got hard going.
    I would like to get closer to God and follow him completely.
    Anyway, all that aside. I just wanted to ask if the website was down at the moment as I can’t seem to log onto it. It maybe a problem my side but just wondered if you know.
    Thanks again to you and the blessing you have been. May God continue to use you

    • thx Cindy! The website had a few problems over the weekend, but it should be back up to speed now. thx for the encouragement 🙂

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