wrestling thoughts

I’ve never been one to watch wrestling – even in my teenage tv watching years i couldn’t get into it.  Be that as it may, one of my fav Bible stories is with Jacob & him wrestling with God in Gen 32:22-31.  I totally love this story because its very confrontational & has so many good life lessons.  Here are a few things that stand out to me:

  • Jacob wrestled alone:  no one helped him, came to his rescue or even cheered for him.  This wrestling match was between God & Jacob.  There will be times when God will (or has) invite(d) you to wrestle through a problem with Him, by yourself.  Don’t try to get other people to join your cause – wrestling is a one-on-one sport.
  • Jacob wrestled in the dark:  he couldn’t see well, possibly lost his bearings from time to time & couldn’t really tell what was going on around him.  Sometimes when we wrestle w God, we can’t really see what’s going on – uncertain future, obscure present, unclear direction, etc. 
  • Jacob left this experience w a limp.  Whenever you wrestle w God, expect to be changed.  Infinite will always overcome finite. 
  • Jacob didn’t let go, even when his hip was wrenched.  There are times when we want to quit on God, walk away, drop out of church, unplug & disconnect from Him – especially when we’re in a wrestling season w God.  But these are the exact times when we need to hold onto Him the most. 

There are lots of thoughts & insights about Jacob’s wrestling match w God – care to share any of your insights?  🙂

2 thoughts on “wrestling thoughts

  1. what always confused me when I was younger was the limp. I had the question why would God cripple a man when he knew he was going to bless him and why didn’t He heal him. When I look over my life some of the biggest life changing blessings were also some of the hardest and most damaging times in my life. They (blessings) definitely leave a mark. I didn’t really see the purpose of the limp until i was talking to someone who was going through one of these times. They thought that they couldn’t bounce back from what they were going through. I asked what made Jesus who He was and the simple response was his sacrifice. The nail prints His hole in his side etc. They didn’t just heal after it happened the pain was gone but the mark was still very present Jesus told Thomas to put his hand into the hole in his side. Jesus is Jesus because of what he went through and He has the limp to prove it. I don’t understand fully the reason for the scars needed to receive a blessing i just know in the end they are seen as beautiful and they are worth it.

  2. My take on it, isn’t that we need scars to get the blessing, but that when you wrestle with something as big as God you can get hurt. God for his part blesses us because that’s His nature. It’s only natural for us to associate the pain with the blessing. I look at it like this, if I were to wrestle a car, I would end up getting very seriously hurt. God is much bigger than a car and it is His mercy that allows just a scar or limp rather than something worse. My wrestling with God has produced a knowledge through experience that God is solid. He really can’t be moved. It’s sort of like when someone dies and you kiss them goodbye and you knew they were dead before that but after the kiss you have knowledge through experience that it’s just a body that remains and “they” are not there. It’s like that with wrestling God, you knew before hand that He couldn’t be moved and after the wrestling you have knowledge through experience that He cannot be moved.

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