reflections on Ethiopia

I had a simply amazing & fantastic time in Ethiopia.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some experiences I’d like to share with you:

home for hundreds of people

home for hundreds of people

We walked through a market one day & came to the end & found this collection of homes & places for people to live – hundreds of families live in this “complex” made up of scrapes of pretty anything they can use (tarp, plastic, scrape metal, cardboard, . . . .  .)  When we came up to this area, we were mobbed by kids coming out of their “homes” & one of their parents happily strolled out, holding his son:

dad & son

dad & son

Here are some pics of the kids who live here:

helloi need a chance


In Addis, I got to visit a start up school grades k-2 and had an amazing conversation with the school’s director who started the school with her own very limited resources, simply because she saw that the kids where she lived didn’t have much future because they lacked any realistic educational opportunities.
Potential can only become an investment by making a sacrifice today.

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