I was recently referred to as the “church lady” & I instantly thought of the SNL spoof w Dana Carey & became suddenly nauseous.  If there’s anyone that i hope i’m NOT it is that caraciture – ouch!  Yet i think we christians deservedly get this rap, sometimes.  You see judging is almost like breathing for us – we judge everything:  coffee, carpet, phones, friends, generations, time usage, refrigerators, cars, behaviors, gov’ts, leaders, worship, pets, clothes, . . . . . we have preferences, we make choices, we evaluate, we make determinations, etc.  Some judgments are immaterial – the decaf i’m presently drinking is room temperature & i’d like it lots better if it were warm.  Some judgments are violent & destructive to not only others, but to ourselves – especially in relation to people. 

Here’s something interesting to consider – we like to use the phrase Jesus speaks of about: the measure we sow is the measure that we’ll reap.  However, most of the time this verse is in relation to judging – it we judge alot, we’ll be judged alot.  If we judge a little, we’ll be judged a little.  If we don’t like to be judged, maybe the simple answer is that we should stop being judgmental – Matt 7:1-2.

i used to be a pretty harsh person.  then i had an honest look at my own humanity – it was a sobering sight & has subsequently caused me to be far less critical & judgmental.  don’t be the SNL church lady

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