top 5 things i’ve enjoyed recently

  1. a date w my husband – all you can eat sushi & a movie;  we got to talk & be entertained w a good movie we both enjoyed. simply bliss
  2. making my grandma’s recipe for rhubarb torte & getting to share its tastiness w friends & fam, who enjoyed it LOTS!
  3. an invitation in my heart to deepen my walk w God, along w some help on the “how to”
  4. buying the UBER treat of Queen Anne cherries
  5. worshipping God & sensing Him transcend my limited thoughts

Here’s a list of things that haven’t been too whippy of late:

  1. chopping off a small tip of my thumb while making rhubarb torte (the nerve is still exposed & its hard to text / twitter)
  2. culling through David & Benji’s dressers / clothes knowing the Isabell’s clothes will be even more “exciting”
  3. nuggets (aka chicken nuggets) playing very poorly last night – i was on the verge of considering becoming an NBA fan.