Jesus on a weekday

we had a super good church service yesterday – great preaching, wonderful worship, cool membership presentation, great connections – all sublime.  I love it when we walk out of church having experienced God & having a bit of a divine glow from being in God’s presence.  I find it interesting for myself that when i’m in the middle of totally worshipping God, i rarely want to be mad at someone or think about how to get back at someone for a rude comment, etc. 

However, come Monday morning, or Tues afternoon, or some other time during the week, i can’t always say that i have the same sublime interactions.  A couple of months ago, i had a rather unpleasant  public conversation with a fellow believer who was very upset about something that was really hard to accept.  I totally understand this person’s frustrations, but their conversation wasn’t Christ-like & their demeanor was rather offensive.  While I didn’t confront this person, here’s the thing that bugs me in this experience:  i don’t want to only be a Sunday Christian.  I want the life of Jesus to permeate my daily living so that my conversations & interactions are 1st & foremost pleasing to God.  I am obviously not living a perfect life & don’t want to throw stones when i live in a glass house myself.  However, i do want to learn from others & endeavor with the help of the Holy Spirit to let Jesus live through me in my family interactions, throughout my weekdays & in my private thoughts.  Let’s always be letting Jesus grow in us.