things i like about summer

i like that summer seems to be more casual.  i like that people seem to talk w each other more – i think the weather makes people more friendly, maybe.  i like that we can open the windows & hear the birds.  i like that there’s lots of light & not as much darkness.  i like ALL of the summer fruit:  peaches, rhubarb, cherries, apricots,etc.  i like going to the pool & playing w my kids but also wearing a big hat & reading a book.  i like the simplified clothing – don’t need heavy coats, etc.  i like that we get motivated to clean our house more thoroughly.  i like driving w the windows down & loud music playing.  i like it, that i have a “reasonable” excuse for someone else to paint my toenails.  i like watching our tomatoes grow.  i like it when the kids play in an afternoon rain storm & come in soaking wet, but REALLY happy!  i like that my kids have time to read good books, relax, explore, play w their friends, be creative, sleep in & also grow.

i used to not be such a big summer fan, but i’m becoming a convert 😉