If you’re like me, i use the word, “should” alot:

  • with my kids – you should’ve cleaned your room, like i told you
  • with myself – you should keep you mouth shut more
  • with friends – you should exercise more ;0
  • with politicians – they should know better
  • with fellow Christians – we should be nicer

There are lots of “should”s in our lives.  The difference between “should” and “is” often seems like the opposite sides of an abyss.  Reality versus what should be often seem to be light years apart in distance.  I know that there are lots of “should”s in my life (should keep the kitchen less messy, should work out more, should drive slower, should be able to manage some weak spots in my life better than how i do now, . . . . .).  Thankfully, i received alot of grace to bridge the gap between “should” & “is”. 

So here’s my challenge to you:  be as quick to give the grace that bridges “should” & “is”, as you are to receive such grace.  🙂