what do you think??

I’ve been thinking about the Holy Spirit alot lately & would be interested in your feedback:

  • who is the Holy Spirit to you?
  • Do you see the Holy Spirit working in your daily life & how?
  • Are there times, situations, people that cause you to be more or less sensitive to the Holy Spirit?  What are some of these?

Any input would be greately appreciated!!  Feel free to answer 1, 2 or all of the questions above.  Thanks LOADS for your help!!

7 thoughts on “what do you think??

  1. Sarah:
    God’a timing is so perfect. Every time I say or message that I think boy oh boy there’s a revelatory statement. Of course I think to myself, He’s God. Oh boy,saying that to say this, you keep amazing me with your attitude and your ministry. Your teaching abilities are really blessing the body sister. I think of listening top your mom tell us in the Word Of Faith leadership and bible Training Institute in 1984, about htis young woman with a mind of her own that was rebelling like crazy. I remember that I loved your mom and dad just because they were so cool and your mom’s ministry is one that has always touched my heart. The way she preached the truth about God’s grace on some really imperfect men. Now the way she held no punches when she talked of the old men of reknown in the bible , it set me free to understand that men are men and the only way we are here and doing anything is because of His mercy and grace. It’s all about Him, period.
    Anyway a little message from the Holy Ghost. In the past three months Father has shown me the results of just a few of my prayer task, given by Him and some of the discipleship oppurtunities that I have embarked upon.I have, since I recieved the Baptism Of The holy ghost in March of 1984, had a very unique prayer ministry that I keep getting introduced to depths never before experienced or fathomed. The Holy Spirit just takes me into a place where I completely yield to Him and the sufferings , along with groaning and travailing are all in His time and will. I knew it was supernatural but, I did not know how effective. I did a lot, I mean a lot of this type of praying when I mentioned your name to the Holy Ghost. I consider it a priviledge and an honor to be among the many , especially your mom, who prayed you through.My favorite saying and sighn you are holding up. I have been saying and throwing up a peace sign since I saw Easy Rider in the 60’s. Really. A nice hello from the Holy Ghost. I just wanted to share this and tell you , I am so blessed by your life and ministry.
    I intend on going very in depth with my Favorite subject about my best friend that I spend more time with, literally, than anyone else. I mean my daily time is more with Him than with other people.**sorry** His name is Holy Spirit , my friend, my companion , My sustenance. I hope it is good enough to post and I hope it helps some others to a priviledged closer walk with Him. He is available on a scale that we are going to see come to fruition in a way more powerfull than ever before I believe for this end time harvest that is coming that is second to none. Much Love and respect in Christ.
    “The Messenger”

  2. who is the Holy Spirit to you? When I was thinking about this Romans 8:9-11 came to mind (I’m sure that was the Holy Spirit reminding me) Romans 8 talks a lot about the Holy Spirit and who He is and what His purpose is to the believer. Romans 8:11 says “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.” I am amazed at this statement. God’s spirit lives in me. WOW!

    Do you see the Holy Spirit working in your daily life & how? I do see the Holy Spirit working in my daily life, mostly to turn my thoughts around when I’m thinking negatively or when I’m being too hard on myself…Even when I’m convicted God has always been very sweet and gentle to me, never harsh, so when I start to beat myself up the Holy Spirit reminds me that I’m ok and He is there to help me in my weakness. Also The Holy Spirit helps me grow in the fruits of the Spirit. If I am careful to listen and pay attention to the Spirit then I have more and give more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    Are there times, situations, people that cause you to be more or less sensitive to the Holy Spirit? What are some of these? OF COURSE! When I’m anxious, around people that make me uncomfortable or that I have a personality conflict with, if I’m tired or hungry, when I’m upset, when people project their junk onto me etc…. These are the times when I really need to be aware of the Spirit of God living in me and be slow to anger; slow to speak, etc…this is when I need the fruits of the spirit the most but the flesh desperately wants to take over.

  3. I first became aware of The Holy Spirit when I was going through a Bible Class called, Restoring the Foundations. Not that I didn’t know who He was before, I had not yet met Him. In this one on two time, we prayed and asked The Holy Spirit to reveal the blockages in my life. One person prayed continually while the other asked the questions and I answered. We all prayed and did our part and then -Surprisingly, to me, The Holy Spirit showed up. I remembered things from 40+ years ago. It felt like He was in the room just sitting there with us. I did this for 10 weeks at 4 hour intervals. I couldn’t wait to get there each week. There was always an empty chair and I felt like it was for The Holy Spirit. He took me through that wonderful time of pain and rejection to the most peaceful and powerful time I have ever experienced.
    Since then I regularly talk to Him asking Him to help me with -anything and everything. If I can’t find something, I’ll say,”Holy Spirit , You know where it is, Please reveal it to me.” I turn and there it is. He is there when I have tough choices to make and or just the “Help” I am running late ones.
    I have gained such a Peace knowing that He is right here with me and cares about everything in my life.
    When Jesus, left this earth I believe that is when The Holy Spirit took over. The Third Person of The Trinity. The Counselor, The Comforter, The Spirit of God. We have always had God with us. He lives within us and around us and through us as in the fruits of The Holy Spirit-Gal 5:22. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Against these there is no law. If we do not possess these fruits we are not walking with Him. He is my lifeline. He makes my life work. I trust in Him and know that He guides my way as I ask Him. The biggest part of Him is in the asking. He will not impose on us His Will. You have to ask.

  4. My first response to who the Holy Spirit is to me would be He is my helper. That almost sounds like I am just spitting back a biblical response; however, He is my helper. He literally helps me ALL day! He helps me with being a wife, mom, friend co-worker, the list goes on. He helps me every moment. Sometimes He tells me to forgive, sometimes He shows me love for others, He embraces me, He gives me hope, wisdom, confidence, etc. etc. I am desperate for the Holy Spirit! I can’t do life on my own. I have to do life with Him.

    Yes- I do see Him working in my life every day. I try to have my ears always open – I desire and want to hear Him. I need to hear Him. I probably hear Him most through my children or just circumstances that happen. I speak to Him and He speaks to me. The circumstances are not always pretty, but that is why I need Him because He helps me. When I do not understand He is there and comforts me.

    Overall, the HS is amazing and can speak through various ways scripture, music, friends, family, circumstances, and well anything! He spoke through a donkey so He really can speak anyway He pleases! When I keep my ears open, I am continually amazed. Life is never dull when you listen! I think that is they key – be open and listen. If you are open, He will come in.

  5. Wow, where do I begin. I know I could not survive my days without the Holy Spirit in my life. He guides me and directs me in my attitudes (yikes), thoughts, how I treat people, etc. Even while I’m driving down the highway he continually corrects me on what I think and say about people.

    How I treat my co-workers everyday. That is the challenging on for me. To still show God’s love to them when I have heard them talking about me just 5 seconds ago. I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me once that it’s easy to show Christ’s love to people who are nice to you, it’s harder to show that same love to people who have hurt you.

    He is continually forming me into the person God wants me to be. Just today he told me “You need to surrender you will to me everyday.” Sometimes it’s hard to hear his correction, but I know for myself I need to be reigned in most times.

    I know when I’m around good christian friends I tend to be more sensitive towards the Holy Spirit. I know praying for friends causes me to listen more to what he has to say about that certain situation(s) in their lives. There have been times I know I have missed by not listening to what he wants me to do and say and I know for a fact that is because I didn’t start my day with him, not inviting him into my life that morning. In the morning I have started to invite him into my day, for him to show me opportunities for what to say for people and what to do for them.

  6. The things I love most about the Holy Spirit are the feeling I get when He is around…
    And I love it when He whispers in my ear and tells me things.
    I love His Wisdom.
    I love it when He makes jokes.
    I love it when I read the Bible and I think “wait a second, I never saw that before.”
    I love to praise Him and see things fixed during worship.

    I think if we lean into Him, instead of away and use situations as an opportunity to hear from God and find out what He wants us to do, our lives have purpose. And really so far beyond just purpose.

    It’s a struggle to stay in that place but God wants to give us strength. He is teaching me about strength. Strength is trusting Him enough that you feel safe and you can accomplish more than humanly possible because you know He believes in you and loves you and wants you to succeed.

    Sometimes it seems like we are in a war and we have to learn how to survive when everything is shaken because the future is bleak.

    Other times it seems like we tap into His energy and it’s all good. We are aware of His favor, His sovereignty, His peace, His ability to see into the future and the fact that He is going to work it all together into something good.

    Fortunately the Holy Spirit is in both of those places and all the other places, too. He’s always here.

  7. Great question in light of my post today.
    He is with me always; and hopefully I am aware of this always, though that is not the case.
    What takes me away from Him (and never Him away from me?) Me.
    He is consistent; I am not so.

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