the Holy Spirit – part 1

Yesterday in church, i got to share about who the Holy Spirit is & what He does.  I was really excited about getting to share this because it seems like the Holy Spirit has been dealing w me for almost 6 months about who He is & what He does, so yesterday was just flat out exciting for me.  Here’s a brief summation to whet your appetite about the Holy Spirit, by some things that He does:

He relates: when Jesus was teaching His disciples about the Holy Spirit in John14-16, He said that its better for them for Jesus to go away so that the HS will come.  This idea has always been a challenge to me bc its been a struggle to see how the HS would be an upgrade over the physical presence of Jesus on earth (like when He was chatting w His disciples).  But the HS is an upgrade for several reasons: 

  • He’s pervasive – not limited to physical boundaries.  When Jesus was on the earth, He could only be one place at a time.  With the HS, He is all places at all times
  • the HS isn’t limited to natural laws – consider the Gifts of the HS in 1 Cor 12 to explore His power, abilities & magnificence. 

There’s LOADS more about the HS & i plan to blog some more this week about who He is & what He does.  So keep your eyes peeled 😉

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