Jesus & Halloween

Personally, I’ve never been a halloween fan.  Its a creepy holiday & I never liked being scared, nor celebrating things for their ability to frighten me.  I have enough struggles w fear without having a holiday to capitalize on scarey.  That being said, the part of halloween that i did like was dressing up in various costumes & pretending to be someone else.  It was fun trying to be creative – probably my favorite character that i dressed up as was Charlie Chaplain bc he was the easiest to look like. 

So what does Jesus have to do w halloween & wearing costumes???  At various times in Jesus’ life, people didn’t recognize him.  Mary thought He was a gardener, some disciples thought He was a fellow traveller, religious leaders thought He was a rebel, etc.  Peter saw beyond the “costumes” when he said that Jesus is the Son of God.  So i guess my question to you is, what “costumes” might Jesus be wearing in your life?  Could He be a neighbor in need?  Could He be the co-worker waiting for some of your time to give you some encouragement?  Could He be found in the simple answers of a child?  I think that Jesus is more present in our lives than we realize

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