saving Moses

So here’s the deal – I’m really excited about the possibilities that I have to help moms in life impacting ways.  When i went to Cambodia last month, I was able to visit a community that lives off of one of the trash dumps where Phnom Penh dumps its garbage.  There are easily over a thousand people who live as scavengers, by using what others consider to be trash.  Unfortunately, the families who live off of the trash of others are the most vulnerable to drugs, sex trafficking, slavery etc, because they’re survival is a day to day struggle.  While i was visiting this community, I ran into a mom who was 8 months pregnant & I asked her some basic baby delivery questions. 

pregnant mom at trash dump

From our conversation, I discovered that she was planning to deliver her baby there at the trash dump (no medical facilities, no health clinic, no running water & maybe with the help of a midwife).  She had made this decision because she didn’t have the money ($50) to  deliver at a hospital.  From that conversation, I began to explore what some of the needs are to help families like my friend & this is what I’ve learned. 

  • I can provide baby formula for 3 months for $20 (the moms work in the dump approx 10 hrs a day & often feed their kids rice water, since they can’t afford formula)
  • I can de-worm 100 people for an entire year for $50
  • I can provide emergency medical care for pregnant women & their infants for about $100 / month

trash dump in CambodiaSo here’s my deal:  this is my grassroots request to ask you to help these families who literally live on the edge of existence.  I totally understand that there are bigger societal issues that need to be addressed, but I don’t want to neglect giving help that is immediately necessary for survival on a day to day basis.  If you’re open to helping w some finances, pls click & go to the donate page:

If its not convenient timing, i totally understand & appreciate you taking the time to read this 🙂

direction not perfection

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about – my Hebrew teacher says this us:  direction & not perfection.  He wants us to try, even though we may make a mistake.  I’ve been thinking about this because I know that there are alot of times when I don’t try something because I know I’ll be bad at it, or I’ll look stupid, or I know that I’ll fail, or . . . . .  I think we are all like this to varying degrees.  Maybe you shy away from sports because you’re not athletically “inclined”.  Maybe you avoid musical instruments because you don’t have “that knack.”  Maybe you avoid certain things because in the past, you’ve had failures in those areas.  While I think there’s some wisdom about how & where we spend our time, efforts, talents, etc;  I also think that we need to be careful about how we potentially limit ourselves and even possibly God.  I think that sometimes our “no” could be an indirect way of telling God that He won’t be able to use us in a particular circumstance or situation.  Let’s be careful that we don’t justify our “no” to God based upon our past, our comfort or our talents & abilities. 

Remember, God doesn’t call the qualified, but He qualifies the call.  God doesn’t use the perfect, but rather the broken.  God doesn’t depend on your ability as much as you availability.  Perfection is for heaven & practice is for earth – don’t quit practicing 🙂