Less is More

Recently, I heard a song about wanting more of God in our lives. I was really enjoying the song when I felt the Holy Spirit interrupt my bliss & tell me that I couldn’t get more of God in my life until I freed up some capacity. I didn’t really understand what I was hearing until I began to think about the things that I have going on in my life – both essentials & non-essentials.
Most of us lead busy lives. We fill up our time, spend our energies, “invest” our money, give our attention & focus to lots of things (some important & some not important). We all know that we have limited amounts of time, energy, focus, money, etc. So the question that could be valuable for our consideration is related to how we spend the limited amounts of time, etc. If we want more of God, let’s consider how we can make space for Him in our lives. Maybe we could shuffle some of our sched to snag a few extra minutes to spend w God. Could you give Him a little more attention by putting some Bible verses in cards & posting them in your car or on the bathrm mirror, etc? Would you consider asking God to adjust your desires to more accurately reflect what pleases Him?
These are just some ideas that you might find helpful in creating more space for God in your life.

The destination to “more of God” is on the road called, “less of me”. Not many make the journey bc of the personal expense.

2 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. As I look back in time, things that are supposed to make life easier have really made life more complicated. Of-course, computers have to be programmed and then usually don’t do what they are programmed to do, and then we have to spend more time trying to find out why they aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing by reprogramming them and downloading more programs to make them work to make our complicated lives easier to begin with. (comes up for air…)
    Cars. Also computerized and programmed to make life easier, but when a chip or main computer board goes haywire, the car has to go in to a shop or dealership, then we have to make adjustments with rides here and there, and then pay out of pocket most of the time to fix whatever needs fixing.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Talking about computers ….
    I am in the middle of listening to your sermon on ´God Guides Us: Why, What, How – Part Two´
    I would love to listen to Part One, but one way or another everytime I click on Part One ´I am back at the home page`.
    Is it me … or is it me doing something wrong?
    I just want to let you know I am enjoying and inspired by listening and learning from you and your mother …. all the way in The Netherlands.
    I hope to hear from you and now that I have found your blog I will be visiting you there also.
    Gods blessing on your work!
    Margo de Kok

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