a constructive habit

We had a friend come over for dinner a few nights ago & we had a totally great time catching up.  My youngest son had a discussion w my friend about the difficulty of breaking a bad habit (an interesting dialogue from the viewpoint of a 6 year old).  They both readily agreed that bad habits are a pain in the neck to try & break – so best to avoid making bad habits altogether.

Here’s a good habit to cultive:  watching for Jesus.  I find that when I get myself into the groove of looking for Jesus, He pops up in some very unexpected places:

  • the Chicago airport last week – I watched the faces of the river of diverse people walking through the hallway & saw beyond the diversity to the individual beauty that each person has & I found myself in complete awe of God, His love and His infinite capacity to express beauty in flawed humanity
  • I sense some of Jesus’ love for me through my kids – my kids know me extremely well & I’m astounded at their love for me; 
  • contrasts:  I find it interesting how Jesus will take a situation that is hurtful to me & how He will use the situation to expose a deeper reality of who He is in my life
  • miscellaneous exchanges with people – I get touched with how seemingly superficial conversations can reveal a deep need for Jesus in a person’s heart

I want my life to be about looking for Jesus – because what I look for is what I find.  He is the treasure that I seek.

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