hide & seek

When my kids were younger, I used to enjoy playing this game with them – it was amazing to watch their creativity to find new and “secret” hiding places and then POP OUT and scare whoever was “it”.  Such a fun game!!

And that’s exactly what hide & seek should be – a game and not a lifestyle.  God has been dealing with me about my transparency with Him, or better to say, my lack of transparency w Him.  You can easily say that we don’t really need to be transparent w God because He already knows the deepest secrets in our hearts, but I would like us to consider a few thoughts with the whole, “God knows everything” principle:

  • transparency is necessary for trust and intimacy – a few days ago in my prayer time, I felt that God wanted me to share with Him some of the struggles I’ve been wrestling with.  When I opened up my heart with Him at these depths, there was an increased sense of closeness with Him that was more than soothing
  •  hiding is what Adam & Eve did in the Garden when they messed up – when we do or say wrong things, hiding doesn’t make anything better.  Rather, it makes the problem worse.  My personal experience with the idea of hiding when I’ve messed up is that when I hide, I try to fix my error without anyone’s help and usually, this intensifies and expands the original problem
  • hiding is a form of isolation and isolation increases our vulnerability

Hide and seek is a fun game, but a lousy lifestyle

One thought on “hide & seek

  1. This was such a conviction for me as I still struggle with being completely honest with God in all areas of my life. I don’t know why I still struggle with this but I think it might have to do with my indepent nature, I really a
    struggle with even asking for help from others.

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