some thoughts about time

This morning I had breakfast w a friend & it was totally wonderful.  We put this appt into our calendars about 2 months ago, to make sure we reserved some space / time for connecting.  I really appreciate getting to meet w this friend, from time to time, because of the depth of the conversation.  I find that as we talk, the conversation quickly gets into some very deep areas, particularly in relation to our walk with God.  For me, it was an especially rich conversation today because I met with her right on the heels of my devotional time w God.  Consequently, it felt very natural to sense God being very present at the table with us and guiding the conversation – almost like a three way conversation.  Even now as I’m typing I sense residual influences from our dialogue.

When I got home, my husband made a comment that implied that I’d been gone a long time – about 1.5 hours.  My reply was something about women connecting through conversation.  As I’m thinking now, our breakfast definately took some time, but when we got in our cars to go home, it didn’t seem like the appt took a long time.  In fact, it almost felt a little bit short, even though I knew it was time to go & that we had finished talking. 

So here’s my point:  good things take time.  No wonder that Isaiah says that those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.  No wonder that the psalmist tells us to wait patiently for the Lord in Psalms 37.  Time is valuable and how we use it reflects our values.  Let’s think about our time

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