Haiti is unbelievable

Today was an unbelievable experience, absolutely unreal. To begin, we visited a medical clinic where they immunize infants from like 5 different diseases (diptheria, etc). We met a woman who has a new born, about 6 weeks old whose husband died in the earthquake. She brought her daughter to the clinic bc she’s dehydrated & lethargic. When we talked w her, we discovered that she’s living in tent w her mom & no steady income. The clinic has a literacy program so she’s going to come back for more help.
After this we went to a tent city where there are hundreds if not thousands of families in temporary housing, displaced by the earthquake. We visited several families & Im still somewhat speechless. It was totally unbelievable – we met a single mom who’s daughter us 6 months old & the mom has no way to earn a living despite having some computer & hair styling skills. I also visited a tent that is the home for 8 kids & a mom & dad. When we stopped by the tent there 2 kids there under the age of 3 w no one else there – they were hiding under the bed. No one around them knew where the parents or other siblings were. We visited many more tents, but I left this experience & I can’t begin to describe my thoughts or feelings. It was unreal.
Tomorrow, we return home but I have a new passion w saving Moses. It is absolutely essential.

Saving Moses visits rural Haiti

Wow, what an amazing day. We flew this morn to the northern part of Haiti & visited a medical clinic that was a really grassroots clinic. The care that the patients received was extremely diverse. We met a 3 year old girl who had fallen into a cooking pot & severely burned her arm. We also met Ricardo who is 2 & has typhus. He’s in a pretty bad state because the drs can’t figure out why he’s not getting better w treatment. He really got to my heart because he was whimpering & in great pain. His mom was undertandably stressed out.
We were also able to interview many pregnant moms, as this clinic is very intent to provide medical support to pregnant moms. One of the things on my heart is to help provide food to the anemic pregnant moms. Because of the work they do, this clinic is on the cutting edge of decreasing the infant mortality rate here in Haiti.
Below is a picture of Salvia’s mom – she’s blind in 1 eye, has 4 kids & brought Salvia to the clinic for care. Takes your breath away.

Welcome to Haiti

We have landed here in Port au Prince & it’s amazing to see the residual affects of the earthquake from earlier this year & to hear the stories. Haiti is the poorest nation in North America & possibly the Western Hemisphere. So to see the earthquake devestation in top of such massive poverty is pretty unsettling. Thankfully, the Haitian people are very resilient & it’s obvious that they are working hard to unbury themselves & move forward from the earthquake.
Today, we are flying to North Haiti to Cap Haitian to visit pregnant moms who are at risk. This reminds me of a woman I met at a trash dump in Cambodia – she had no option but to deliver her baby in the dump. Many of the women we will visit today have very simple but essential needs. I’ll keep you updated as we go – watch for Facebook & Twitter updates 🙂

the presence of Christ in friendships

Yesterday, I had a very amazing conversation.  I was hanging out w a friend and like we normally do, when given some time, we started talking about Jesus.  We talked about the reality of Jesus in our hearts, the reality of Jesus in our daily living & the reality of Jesus in various experiences in travelling.  We talked about love and what it means to love in a genuinely spiritual way in contrast to human love which is desire based.  We talked about loving people regardless of how well we know them or not.  We talked about what the Bible says about love.  The conversation was TOTALLY riveting. 

When I was younger, I would absolutely thrive on these kinds of conversations – I have always loved getting to talk on deeply spiritual levels.  As I get older, I’m coming to the conclusion that I love these kinds of conversations because in the most basic analysis, I experience Jesus’ presence, which is nothing short of addictive.  Jesus tells us that when 2-3 are gathered together in His name, that He’s present.  So no wonder I like to talk about Jesus in deeply spiritual conversations – I sense His presence!  When I was younger, I used to associate this blissful experience with the person involved in the conversation.  As such, I always would find myself wanting to talk with that person more & at greater lengths.  Now I know that what I most want at the fundamental level is to experience Jesus in any context, at any time and through any means.  When I keep my eyes on Jesus & His presence, I don’t get sidetracked by focusing on a person and life stays in a more healthy balance. 

Just some thoughts on Jesus and friendships.

daily help

Each day has its unique challenges – some more demanding than others.  But every day is distinct.  Recently, I’ve had some pretty rough days, filled with lots of pressure, stress, difficulties & sadness.  This morning, I read Ps 68:19, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,  The God who is our salvation. Selah.”
I love this verse because it helps me to consider that God is not only available to carry my daily burdens, but He is more than able to do this.  I find that when I try to carry the burdens of each day without His help, the consequences aren’t so whippy.  Usually, I find myself wiped out – tired, frazzled & unpleasant among other things.  Additionally, when I get in my independent mode, my closeness with God seems to wither & decrease.  Of all the demands & pressures in my daily life, the one thing I don’t want to decrease is my intimacy with God.  I not only want to give Him my daily burdens, but I need to give these to Him so that my fellowship & communion with Him doesn’t get sabotaged by me or the percursory events of daily living.  There’s tremendous value to daily letting God carry our burdens – the burdens of each day, throughout the day.  He wants to do this & is fully capable – better than we can.

Some thoughts about Saving Moses

I’ve been thinking about Saving Moses & here are some things I’ve been pondering:

  • people from the ages 0-5 are often unable to clearly communicate their needs – how many moms have been at least a little frustrated trying to figure out what their unhappy newborn wants?  How much more a newborn with no mom??
  • the most formative years for a person is from 0-5years of age
  • a helpless infant doesn’t have to be hopeless or without a hopeful future
  • small things for infants and toddlers have massive results – both negatively & positively
  • Jesus, Moses, Josiah and others infants in the Bible had crisis moments where someone stepped in to protect them – to be a hero

This week on our TV program, Today w Marilyn & Sarah, we aired our 1st Saving Moses program – I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is to me.  Furthermore, we have our website up & running – www.savingmoses.org.  Finally, you can also following saving Moses on twitter:  savingmoses.  At the end of this month, I get to go to Haiti w saving Moses to check on a program that we joined to immunize infants against common diseases before the onset of the rainy season there, when these diseases begin to really escalate.  Such simple & small things making the difference between life & death, health & weakness, helpless & hopeful.

This blog is an unapologetic advert for saving moses 🙂