sharp jabs

I’ve really enjoyed this Summer – lots of good family time, delicious summer food (peaches, cherries, etc) & the longer days are a few of my current favs.  Summers can be nice & relaxing – until you get a sharp jab!  Some sharp jabs could be a work confrontation, something you forgot that’s now in your face, a finance challenge (there’s nothing left to cinch on the belt), a personal insight about yourself that’s uncomfortable, etc.

I’ve had a few sharp jabs recently that have served to keep me on my toes this Summer – despite the “relaxing” nature of the Summer.  So what do we do with those “sharp jabs”?  Here are a few things that are presently helping me:

  • remember that God already knew about the sharp jab & He didn’t chew His nails on the issue(s)
  • taking walks – the summer is nice because its pleasant to walk outside in the morning or evening.  I find these to be good chatting times w God, when I can pour out my heart to Him & then listen for His perspective
  • being honest – when something bothers you, its better to not suppress it, but ask God to help you find a constructive way to express what’s bothering you
  • truth search – sharp jabs often expose a deeper issue that needs to be addressed.  Don’t get distracted by the results of a deeper cause.  Solve the cause & you can change the results

Sharp jabs come & go – with God’s help, they can be used to really help us grow!

Some random thoughts

I’ve had alot of random thoughts & questions running through my brain lately.  Maybe you could give me some feedback:

  • strength can be be a misperception.  I find that I’m probably in my best frame of mind when I am most dependent on Jesus
  • Christ must always be the mediator not only between God & me, but also between me & others
  • when I need direction on various projects & I don’t have alot of time to chase rabbit trails, what’s the best approach to chosing a path?
  • I want my kids to desire more of God’s Word – are there more things I should be doing to help cultivate this desire in their hearts?
  • community & solitude each have their pitfalls
  • Saving Moses – how can we make this more effective?
  • family is an environment where the Holy Spirit most effectively works to change me
  • it seems to me that the only long-term way to transform my insecurities is with the help of the Holy Spirit

Just a few things that my brain has been pondering 🙂


I was recently in Haiti for some work with  It was deeply moving experience for me – even from the time I landed at the airport.  You see, the airport at Port au Prince was damaged & so every passenger was led to a large warehouse to go through the immigration process.  I was pleasantly surprised to be almost totally surrounded by missions groups who were coming to help Haiti in a variety of ways.  Everyone was very friendly, chatty & I could tell they were eager to jump into doing some good, hands on missions work.  I love to be with people when they’re hearts are intent on helping others – such a rich experience! 

My return to the States was a bit of a contrast.  As we entered the US, we were going through the normal immigration formalities & had collected our luggage to finish going through customs.  There were some long lines & it seemed like one line was shorter than the rest, so we jumped in that line.  Unfortunately, we cut in front of a group of people unknowingly.  One of the girls in the group proceeded to say something really rude to us.  I turned around to see what was wrong & realized what we’d done.  When I asked her where she had been, she explained that they were returning from a missions trip to Haiti.  I don’t think she caught the irony of the situation – she had gone to Haiti to be part of something altruistic, benevolent, unselfish & nice.  Now that she was back to the US, she was in “normal-ville”.  I’m left wondering how often we miss opportunities for God to transform us.  Just something to consider