some constructive daydreaming

The other day I was rumaging around in my imagination & playing some “what if” scenarios, when God threw out an interesting idea:  Sarah, what would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?  Along this line, I’ve met alot of people who I consider to be really close to Jesus & I watch them carefully (or read about them as much as I can) to pick up some ideas, suggestions & behaviors.  So I took this question very personally from God to me.  I want to ask you to let yourself consider the same question:

What would your life look like if you were closer to Jesus?

Here are some of my answers: I share these with you, intending to provoke some of your thoughts & possibilities.  Please feel free to leave your ideas in the comments 🙂

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be less:  selfish, judgmental, worried, insecure, fearful, impatient,

If I were closer to Jesus, I would be more: forgiving, confident, loving, insightful, discerning, generous, selfless, concerned, peaceful, justice-minded, supernatural


So what do you think????  If you were closer to Jesus, what would your life look like?

ps – here’s a link to a cool video ,)


I’ve been thinking lately about the various paradoxes in our lives:

faith without mystery just might not be faith – if we don’t have to trust & believe in God, then we must consider the possibility that we may not be doing something by faith;

love is sacrificial – love gives what is meaningful not only to us, but moreso, what is meaningful to the recepient; love is generous at our own expense

Jesus gives us what we need, but not always what we want;  I find myself very thankful that He makes this decision because my wants are not always the most healthy decisions for me

justice – this is something I’m really thinking about of late.  More to follow as this marinates in my heart & thoughts.

Today, here is some encouragement for you: be gentle with yourself, keep your thoughts healthy & constructive, be patient, generous & kind with others whether they deserve it or not, smile alot, be still for a moment & receive Jesus’ love to you, recognize that God often works in ways that aren’t always humanly familiar.  You are extravagantly loved by your heavenly Father

something cool to watch from Angola :)

I’ve still been pondering alot about my experiences in Angola & I’m finding that @savingmoses seems to never be far below the surface of whatever activity or conversation in which I’m involved.  Some things that I’ve noticed about myself since returning from Angola include:

  • I think I’m more compassionate – I find myself extending patience, grace, acceptance & love to people more than I have in the past, even though I’m presently in a fairly stressful season of life
  • my dreams seem to be more vivid or I’m remembering them better when I wake up.  I’m not dreaming about Angola, but I seem to be having fairly meaningful dreams
  • I find myself thinking in increments of $30 because I’ve figured out that I can keep a baby from starving to death for about $30 / month w saving moses.
  • When I see babies now, it seems like my immediate subconscious reaction is to ask how much they weigh & I’m asking myself if I’ll ever get back to the “so cute” first reaction.
  • I also find myself having REALLY BIG THOUGHTS, maybe even grandiose plans, about how to keep babies from starving to death

This is a really honest window into my thoughts over the last few weeks.

I’m also working to develop some video skills, so if your brave (wink), take a look at this link & let me know if you like it or any suggestions for improvements 🙂