fellowship with Jesus

I’m pretty turned on with Jesus – He makes my heart palpitate & captivates my attention.  I love to have fellowship with Him, be around Him, recognize His work, listen for His whispers, think about His preferences . . . .  I’m simply & happily absorbed by Him.

But here’s the fun part of my relationship with Jesus – it takes place not only in my quiet & private prayer time with Him, but I’m experiencing & aware of Him, more and more, throughout my day.  This is interesting because my days have such tremendous diversity.  On any given day, I might be studying for a sermon, cooking some experimental dish, trying to settle a conflict (among my kids, in a misunderstanding at work, . . . . ), trying to develop my video editing skills, talking about helping starving babies in Angola, getting on a plane to go minister somewhere, getting makeup put on for TV taping, wearing an orange safety vest for my crossing guard fun, . . . . . . .  What I’m finding to be so magnificent is that I get to experience & interact with Jesus in all of these contexts & even more.  I used to get frustrated about my relationship with Jesus because it seemed very limited & one dimensional – almost like I couldn’t seem to export Him from my prayer time into the daily living.

Of late, I haven’t had this struggle.  I’m sensing Jesus throughout my days & the fellowship with Him is rich beyond description.  Please check out Psalms 25 & consider reading it slowly, with some reflection 🙂

3 thoughts on “fellowship with Jesus

  1. Sarah…I love Him so …My Spirit is elated Just thinking about Him…and spending time with Him..I look forward with Him early…Christians have got to learn to spend time with Him early..if you do not get up way before dawn to spend time with Him…before you know it it is daylight you beginto toil the time passes and the time is gone never again…..Love You Sarah…

  2. I would like to leave a prayer request, as I believe that there is tremendous power in numbers and his word clearly tells us so. My son, Tyler has applied for a f.time. permanent position in his field of study and has been waiting for 7 years to be placed as a Fish Technician II at a local hatchery. Please join me in heart and spirit as we believe God is going to bless him with this position. Thank you to all prayer warriors and God bless. If I can support anyone in prayer on this site, please let me know.

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