Joy in Calcutta :)

India #1

Ok here’s the latest update from Calcutta – we’ve been here now for a little more than 24 hours & unfortunately this is a really short trip so we’ll be leaving in the next 36 hours.
So far we’ve enjoyed our time & getting familiar w this culture – I always find that my 1st 24 hours in any country is always an orienting & acclimatizing time (making the time change, meeting new people, learning culture essentials, . . . a flood of everything new when my body & brain are barraged by an onslaught of unfamiliarities).
Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting a blind school & it was an amazing experience. We saw kids filled w smiles, happy, friendly, content, warm & genuinely loving, regardless of their impairment or age. It was really amazing to watch them interact w such kindness & love among themselves – no fighting, teasing or conflicts but lots of warmth, teamwork, friendship & touching. We watched a group of boys who are blind or severely visually impaired play cricket, hitting & catching the ball w a rattle inside. It was amazing to say the least!
Today, we get to join everyone for a really cool church service & possibly, we may get to meet some children from some extremely difficult backgrounds. I’ll keep you posted, but pls continue to pray that God will provide for us “Pharoah’s daughter” to help us with @savingmoses – I’ll try to upload a video from the blind school w a little txh help ,)

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